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How are Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger Syndrome
different from one another?

Autism is a developmental disability that affects a person's ability
to communicate, understand language, play, and interact with others.
Autism is a behavioral syndrome, which means that its definition is
based on patterns of behaviors that a person exhibits. Autism is not
an illness or a disease. It is not contagious and, as far as we know,
it is not acquired through contact with the environment. Autism is a
neurological disability that is presumed to be present from birth and
is always apparent before the age of three. Although autism affects
the functioning of the brain, the specific cause of autism is unknown.
In fact, it is widely assumed that there are most likely multiple
causes, each of which may be manifested in different forms, or
subtypes, of autism. Future research will help us understand the
etiologies of autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that
prevents people from understanding what they see, hear or sense. ASD
affects reasoning, social interaction and communication. It can affect
the functioning and development of the brain and is usually evident
before a child turns three years old. It is a spectrum disorder, which
means there is a wide variation in how it affects children.
ASD occurs in approximately 1 in 500 children and is four to five
times more common in boys than girls. The causes are still unknown.
There is no medical test for ASD. Assessment and diagnosis should
involve an experienced multi-disciplinary team.
For now there is no cure for ASD. There are, however, highly effective
treatment and intervention methods available that can help individuals
and their families manage this disorder. Many children with ASD can
learn to communicate effectively, share in family life and attend

Possible Indicators of Autism Spectrum Disorders
   Does not babble, point, or make meaningful gestures by 1 year of age
   Does not speak one word by 16 months
   Does not combine two words by 2 years
   Does not respond to name
   Loses language or social skills
   Some Other Indicators
   Poor eye contact
   Doesn't seem to know how to play with toys
   Excessively lines up toys or other objects
   Is attached to one particular toy or object
   Doesn't smile
   At times seems to be hearing impaired

Asperger Syndrome or (Asperger's Disorder) is a neurobiological
disorder named for a Viennese physician, Hans Asperger, who in 1944
published a paper which described a pattern of behaviors in several
young boys who had normal intelligence and language development, but
who also exhibited autistic-like behaviors and marked deficiencies in
social and communication skills.


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